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It was the summer of 2012, when I discovered I had a serious security risk due to some virus downloaded from the internet!  The virus or malware was able to copy and edit my internal PDF documents.  Quickly, I purchased Symantec Norton Security to remove the virus, but countless PDF documents were destroyed.  To correct this issue, I did some research and learned that Adobe Acrobat application has the ability to protect your documents from being edit or change, but still allowing the end-user the ability to open the document without the need for a password.  However, to apply this password protection to ever single document became tedious and time consuming.  Hence, my AcroBatch tool was born.

The tool is extremely easy to use.  Simply point the tool to a single directory or multiple directories and choose the PDF documents to automatically 'Protect' the PDF documents.  There are multiple options to how you want to apply the batch protection, including copying to separate folders, applying the protection to the original PDF documents, replacing them automatically and the ability to update 'Read-Only' PDF documents without losing this attribute.

(The random password generator is one of my other projects, found here on codeplex -> My Password Generator )

AutoAcrobatSecurityTool_1-19-2013 3-56-08 PM

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